Muscovy ducklings f/s


10 Years
May 10, 2009
Morris, PA
Hi guys!
I have 10 muscovy ducklings available as of the moment, another hen is setting on a nest and the babies are due to hatch anytime now.
Limited black pieds. Lots of chocolate pieds.
I'm asking $3.50 each.
P/U right now, as I do not know how to ship.
If you would like them shipped, and will supply the box and walk me step-by-step through on the instructions for shipping, I will consider.

I'm in Morris, PA.


UGH! I want scovies but everyone with them is always so far away! and ive already made my summer PA trip
It's really easy to ship them! And at that age, it shouldn't be very expensive. If you go to Foy's Pigeon Supplies website, they sell boxes at what I found to be reasonable prices, if you buy Horizon boxes. However, Cutler Supply also has plain brown shipping boxes that lots of people use that are about $3.00 each (for the small ones.)

While I believe that that post office requires filtered boxes, I have received many birds shipped in these boxes and must admit that I ship in them too for babies. My husband just decided to use coffee filters on the holes in these small boxes, LOL.

Anyway, we also buy the straw nests from Cutler's and put them in the bottom of the box. We then add frozen peas or mixed vegetables and/or apple slices and tape the box closed very well.

I talk to my post office to find out what time the birds would be leaving and then drop them off as close to that time as possible. When I fill out the Express Mail airbill, I write in block letters, "HOLD AT POST OFFICE FOR PICK UP. CALL FOR PICK UP
(212)555-1515 (the recipient's phone number(s)." Then I highlight it in yellow. I put in on the airbill in two places, if there is room. I then ask the window clerk if they have any way to notate to hold the package for pick up at the post office.

The recipient will also call their post office with the tracking number and advise them that they are expecting the birds and ask if the P/O will please call as soon as the birds arrive. Usually I get calls anytime from 7:00AM-noon or 1PM since my post office receives live birds two times a day.

Do not ship on days where there are heat waves or anticipated horribly hot weather and do not ship over Saturday or Sunday.

I hope that this helps.
Ive never shipped before, so I hope you can collect enough info to be comfortable with it. let me know if you decidde to ship, im still sweet talking my mom into letting me get one
I would be interested, but can you find out how much shipping would be? I would want 3. Preferable 2 hens and a drake.

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