Muscovy Ducklings


11 Years
Sep 17, 2008
Waioneke NZ
Hiya guys.

I have 4 ducklings that I have been told look as though the Mamma Scovie has mated with a Mallard etc. I was wondering if anyone could confirm or deny this for me...... But I have a feeling that this person is right as all the ducklings have come out with the same colouring, not the nice mottley crew I normally get.

Mamma is mostly black in her colouring.



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Yeah looks like they are probably 'mule' ducks (or muscovy, mallard, or mallard derived breed mix) In the first pic, is someone holding the duck so it is standing straight up? If not it looks like a runner..? They might also be mixed with a welsh harlequin? It's kinda hard to tell... Hope I helped some
Yep. They look like crosses. The chest isnt wide enough and look at that butt! Scovies have elongated booties and that one falls short.
Yes I am holding the duck in that pic.

The only domesticated ducks we have here on the farm are Scovies, but a variety of wild ducks do come to visit every now & then.
LOL Goat Walker!

My poor liddle mutts are not the best looking are they
I was hoping to sell tehm until I found all this out

My next mission is to figure out the sexing
actually there's a barred gene in muscovies, i had some that looked just like that when they are young but they lose the barring as they get older, sometimes they'll keep a little under their wings, so you may just have a barred one and not a hybrid
I had no objections to the coloring, a agree with abluechickstock on that, but seriously! No scovie has that small of a butt!

And im sure you can still sell them. I know a bunch of people who want quite ducks for pets and eggs but dont want ducklings.

Can we have more pictures??? Pretty please???
Heres a couple of pics for you GW.

One is of all 4 ducklings from same hatching & the other is of one big, and one smaller duckling ..........



Edited: the photo description of pic 2.
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Aw Thanks!! The two middle ones look like their tails are longer. Might be because they could be drakes.
Maybe my Gal Just has a big butt



My Babies still have alot of growing to do before their tails get a good length on them like yours. I will try & post a pic in a months time just to see how much they have changed

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