Muscovy Ducklings


5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
If a I have broody duck hatch ducklings, do I need to provide starter feed? or will the mother take care of feeding?
I always provide starter for them.

I have two questions:

1. How to feed and water ducklings..One of my Muscovy ducks had three ducklings hatch today,,,she has her nest (and ducklings) in a pile of leaves behind a wooden box set in a shed and away from the area where I have the feed and water for the adult ducks. When I saw the ducklings, I set up an extra water container that I use for the chickens in the Summer that is low enough for ducklings to reach but not drown in the area of the adult's food and water. Of course the adults have messed with the extra water container all day. The adult ducks have their feed and water in rubber bowls that are 4" high and 10" wide. How do I deal with the ducklings or will the mother be able to deal with the feeding? They live in a metal shed that opens into a large fenced run that has grass and mud. At night they are locked into the shed.

2. The other female duck has set her nest inside a leaf bag (one of the large paper bags made to fill with leaves for pickup in communities) that is filled up with leaves making her nest about 18" off the ground. When her eggs hatch, will the ducklings be able to get out of the nest without killing themselves in a fall or what should I do.?


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