muscovy ducklings


5 Years
Sep 25, 2014
hi there,very new to byc but have lots of ducks chickens and geese,our first clutch of muscovy ducklings were getting on fine, they are now around 2 and a half/3 months and able to fend for themselves in the garden with the rest of the birds(bar the geese!),but a few days ago one of the ducklings started separating himself from the others,we have nine, and when he's near the others they bully him, we've seen him run all around the garden chasing his mother(she's always been a skittish). he now spends all day on his own while the others are all together, i wondered if anyone knows why this is happening? could there possibly be something wrong with him that we can't see but the ducks can? he looks very healthy,eating,drinking, foraging...
thanks in advance for any help, Brendan and charlotte, South Uist
Duck and chicken society can be quite cruel. If a bird is perceived as weak (physically or even psychologically as in timid) it is frequently picked on by the others. It sounds as if this duckling has enough space to evade it's tormenters. Make sure it is getting enough to eat - multiple feed and water stations are helpful- and hopefully it will regain confidence and secure it's position in the flock.

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