Muscovy ducks fighting

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by chickenbreeder, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. chickenbreeder

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    Nov 11, 2013
    I have 8 Muscovy ducks I believe 5 females 3 males well they are 6 months old so I believe they are sexual maturing so I believe they are fighting over the female's but I can't tell the females from the male's as they are so young still.

    but I Know female Muscovy ducks are smaller then the male Muscovy ducks. I don't know what i am doing I was given them by someone I have never had ducks I red up on them a lot of stuff but actually know nothing about them at all.

    but I have them free roaming on 6 Acer's so I really don't know why they are fighting I think it is because to many males but I have to figure out the females from the male's before I go to sale them.

    but could anyone tell me if it is there breeding season now that is why or is just because they are 6 months of age and getting up there hormones. I know they tried breeding as I seen my very deep chocolate male try and breed with another one of my female's but I was thinking isn't it to soon for there breeding season.

    if anyone could help me out on this subject I would really appreciate it. I have been reading up online with everything but I couldn't find the breeding season of the Muscovy ducks.
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    Most of us are enjoying a break from our ducks breeding, depends on where you are located I'm guessing, probably warm year round and maybe breeding goes on year round. Here with my Scovy's breeding stopped in mid Sept. and although my youngest at 6 months was chasing down one of his hatch mates the other day nothing happened I think he was just in practice for next year. Fighting is very natural as drakes are working on their pecking order and unless someone is getting seriously hurt I let them work it out. Most of the time here it's more like Sumo wrestling then the loser runs away and the winner will chase him down and make him lay there for a few minutes then he's allowed to go his way. I have seen some blood but not anything to be concerned about. your ratio is a bit off though and would be better to either rehome a drake or get more ducks. ratio should be 2-4 ducks per drakes depending on his temperament
    , at 6 months it should be pretty easy to tell drake from duck, drakes are way bigger and have much more carnucling on their faces.
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    May 24, 2011
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    Could be breeding, could be over who's female is who, could be pecking order. i had some drakes go it the other day, dummies. In multi drake flocks it happens, and frequently, sometimes the ducks will fight too, usually over pecking order but sometimes they get possessive over males too.

    It's all size, yes, bigger feet/legs, bigger overall etc...

    an old pic but shows a pair of mine... As ML said, usually it's all feathers flying i don't step in until the blood starts THEN i will separate but that is rare.

  4. chickenbreeder

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    Nov 11, 2013
    yeah they have stopped fighting alot but i guess it was over the pecking order lol. But I am now down to 2 drake's and 4 girls i traded my 40.00 dollar cage for 2 more females from my next door neighbor she gave me 2 chocolate females i traded her a female for another one of her female's as the one female i had was related to my chocolate drake male he was the father to her so i traded her for another female so now i have 2 drakes 4 females so i will be penning them in a large enclouser as they wont stay home now so i will be building a large pen for them so they will stay home.

    and putting a very nice made home for them so they stay warm and happy.

    But sad New's Is I lost 1 of my baby Rhode Island red Hen chicks last night I lost her due to a birth defect as she was not growing the same as the other girls she was the runt i guess of the pack when i got her. but the other 2 are doing good staying nice and warm.

    But it got 20degree's down here In eatonville wa but in the spring time i am hoping to get some baby turkeys to ad to the group of my flock of 15 hens 6 roosters 6 muscovy ducks.

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