Muscovy Ducks in Need of a Good Home in Southern NH

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    Apr 23, 2012
    I purchased three, day old Muscovy ducks in early April. They ended up being two ducks and one drake. They were hand raised in our home for the first six weeks and then went out to our small backyard flock of 6 hens. All went quite well for a while, the ducks all go up to the coop with the hens at night and aside from some squabbles over food, they seemed to be living quite happily together. Recently the drake has matured and has become aggressive with certain people. He also tries to mate with our chickens, and due to the size difference he is injuring them. I'm not sure what the issue is, but he has to go. I am wondering if he would do well at a larger place where he would have a few more lady ducks, or maybe even a rooster that would keep him away from the hens. We would consider giving the two ducks away with him since they have always been together. We would like them to go as pets, rather than dinner if at all possible. The girls' (Daisy & Daffy) wings have been clipped and the drake (Donald) has a slight case of what we think to be "Angel Wing" so he cannot fly. We tried to correct this when he was small, but he always got out of the wrap we would put around him. It doesn't protrude far enough that he injures himself, just enough that he can't fly. You can see them here to the right. He is actually a pretty bird...his dark feathers shine green and purple in the sun. The girls ducks will play "catch" with treats. He used to do this, but since reaching maturity his disposition has changed, which is why I am thinking he needs more space, or to have some other male birds around so he doesn't feel the need to be so dominant.


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