Muscovy Ducks / Michigan / Purchase & general info, Buckeye chickens too...

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by elhayden, May 5, 2017.

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    Hello! newbie here, not sure where this should even be posted so if it should be elsewhere, please by all means move me! =)
    I'm interested in getting 3 or 4 female muscovys and one male this late summer/early fall. Intention is for meat, let mom hatch out a clutch etc in the spring. I'll be adding Chickens in the spring.
    So. I'd like to find a decent place to acquire the ducks. I've looked on facebook, have had my access to a couple Muscovy Michgian groups on FB *pending* for a couple of weeks now...I'd just like to secure the birds for later, while I continue getting ready. (not much to go!) Maybe they aren't even available in the summer/fall? Not overly concerned about age. Was thinking older, more mature ducks, but if they are not available; I'm ok waiting for spring ducklings.
    And, are there special concerns I should have having chickens and ducks living together. They'd be free-ranging all day, just coming back in to roost at night. That's the plan so far anyway. I plan on getting Buckeye chickens.
    Thanks for any guidance.

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