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Apr 1, 2008
Pleasant Valley, (Okanogan) WA
My Coop
My Coop
Muscovy Drake (solid black except for wing bars & some white on his head). Just turned two in July. HUGE, very friendly & respects space. $20 Proven breeder (daddy to most of the ducklings).

I also have a chocolate duck (female) that is also around 2yrs old. She will go with the above drake for $35 for the pair, or $25 alone.

I also have 1 silver female who is 2yrs old. Proven breeder, very friendly. $25

Lastly, I have one (mostly) black juvenile drake. Hatched July 1, 2013. Very friendly. $20

I am traveling to Oregon around Thanksgiving and can transport along the way...
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May 14, 2016
We have a family member whom has been on our farm for a few years now. She has raised both ducks and geese and my husband considers her our Forman here lol. we do not have any muskovys besides her. Mostly Indian runners and French Tallouse. she just turned 2 and we thought if we could find her a nice fella. she is soo docile....helps me garden and comes in on stormy nights to cuddle any babies inside. I know this sounds odd but we were hoping for a nice gentale beau fer her.

my name is Mimsy Kelch
our farm is Mimsy'sMarsh
we have reverences and vid and pic.
we voice command our broad and care very .... ok spoile
my # is 360-830-0782

she is like a daughter and the time has come.....
*to tell you the truth my husband is freaking out....he is sooo not ready lol

we wouldn't want him shipped we would come get him.

she has no dowerey lol

this may be a shot in the dark....
please consider us.


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