Muscovy Ducks

you didn;t say what info you are needing. I love the muscovy ducks as they are friendly and do not quack like other ducks. Just a barely audible quack. They do have to have their wing feathers clipped as they will fly away if they decide to.
Are they really aggressive towards other breeds?
Will they fly away?
If they are raised at our place they should not but they can fly away. The females will fly to a nearby pond and find a place to go broody sometimes. They can be aggressive as well Especially in hatching season.
Are they really aggressive towards other breeds?
Will they fly away?
Mine are not aggressive with my other free range poultry. In fact they are quite gentle and do not quack out loud...mostly a very soft almost inaudible quack. However. they will fly around and sometimes away. You MUST keep wing feathers trimmed to manage them. They do require a small water source. I use a small kiddies pool and fill-up/change the water from time to time. In fact, Muskoveys are now my favorite breed.
Any information about 3-4 month female Muscovy ducks, please feel free to share information.

Do you have these 3-4 month old hens already?

Are they really aggressive towards other breeds?
Will they fly away?

My two 2 and 1/2 year old Muscovy hens have wildly variable and very entertaining personalities. They are sweet and social most of the time, but can be grumpy or downright hateful when broody or molting. Rarely, they have other days where they simply wake up on the wrong side of the nest, so to speak! My two live with my 5 yr. old Rouen hen, and they are mostly inseparable when hormones aren’t causing inter-flock drama.

I do not clip the wings of my girls ONLY because they were raised by my Rouen and have no intentions of leaving her. Also, my white ‘Scovy hen is and always has been an embarrassingly horrible flier, so there’s no need to further decrease her flying ability! I would recommend wing trimming to everyone else :)

I highly recommend the breed overall, although they do take a bit more... patience? Mallard derived hens seem less mercurial. I do have several days a year when I threaten one or both with a trip to the stewpot, but I’d honestly never change a thing about my little flock :)
My female muscovy are really good with my ducks. I didn't raise mine from chicks. While they don't like to be picked up, they are super chill once I do.

When I first got my muscovy, my ducks picked on them. After they got comfortable, my muscovy pounced on my ducks. Now they get along well, and I only have issues with my male muscovy sometimes. Their mannerisms when establishing a pecking order looks really violent, but I have never seen blood drawn. Otherwise the females are super sweet.
Yes the can fly make sure you clip there wings and there very smart i have own lots of breed of ducks and they were the smartest. They can be skittish to at sometimes I would suggest handling them more often
Oh they are definitely smart. We had to catch my male to treat him while he was sick. He hated it and knew when he went into the run that he would be trapped. If the females went in, he would follow. Eventually, the females would ditch him and didn't want to be trapped too. It was nearly impossible to treat to him after a while.

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