Muscovy Ducks!


11 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Southern Maine
I have many muscovy ducks I am looking to sell to make room for this spring!
These guys all hatched October 17th of this year, so they still have some growing to do. LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY PLEASE! I can also deliver, just PM me and we can go over the details. I am located in Southern Maine.
Drakes: $18 each
Hens:$28 each

I have a lavender hen and a lavender drake.
Here's the drake:

And the hen:

I have 2 black and white hens and 1 black and white drake.

And the hens:

(The small one in the back, she is a bit runty)

I also have 2 chocolate hens. There is one in the above picture, the other one looks just like her but doesn't have the white spots on her chest.
Please PM me for details or if you have any questions!

I've got a white drake, blue eyes and a little black on his head:

I can't promise their coloring as you see it in the pictures. I've hatched many batches like this and they all seem to change when they molt into their adult feathers. Some stay they way they are, others get white heads and different spots of white on their bodies. It's hard to tell at this age.

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