Muscovy hen - ducklings she’s like fight club


11 Years
Apr 9, 2011
i’ve had this Muscovy hen for years - this year finally let her sit on a clutch of eggs and she hatched out 13 ducklings she is very protective of her ducklings and will fly and attack me - is this something that will eventually start to improve as the ducklings get older?. She has even tried to attack me even just changing their water out and not even messing with the duckings - it’s like i’m going into battle.. she’s normally a very sweet hen.
It’s nature, their instinct. She sees you as a threat. You have to show her and her babies that you won’t hurt them- kind of how she had to warm up to you if you had her when she was a baby. Try to offer her and her babies treats such as tomatoes and peas. :D
It definitely improves once the ducklings get older. But, I've seen my muscovy hens that aren't broody switch from sweet and letting me pick them up to the totally opposite. I've seen them go from being bullied to the bully. They are pretty interesting.

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