Muscovy hens and drakes in northern IL


14 Years
Jun 11, 2008
Poplar Grove, IL
I have lovely silver Muscovy hens and drakes. I ended up with too many.

They are 1 year old. I have 10 hens available all are laying right now. I have 8 drakes available.

The hens roam the farm all day, the drakes have a large grass and tree area so they are used to being out and are healthy from their varied diet. (they also get commercial layer feed).

The ducks in the photo are two of the ducks for sale. The photo was taken late last year. The hens look the same, the drakes are larger and have caruncles. I do NOT breed show ducks. In fact I try to breed for small caruncles since I don't have a heated shed.

They are used to people but not "tame". In other words you can walk right next to them but they are not interested in being petted.

They are $15 each.

Thank you!


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