Muscovy hybrids?


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Hi all! I was wondering if anyone has ever raised Muscovy hybrids? Myers offers them and this is the first time I've ever heard of them. Any thoughts, ideas, comments? By the way, I usually raise Muscovy and pekin ducks for meat. I prefer the Muscovy but they grow much slower then the pekins.
Don't know from experience , but I read that they do this in China ( I think) but the offsprings are sterile - like Mules. Check feathersite on his hybrid articles and see if he has something on Muscovy crosses. Good luck!
Some breed Rouen and Muscovies together for hybrid meat ducks, they are popular in Europe. Like CWC said any mix with a Muscovy makes mules - that's why they grow faster.

Steve in NC
Thanks for the quick response guys! I think I'm going to have to order some from Myers (the chances of my pekins and muscovies interbreeding are slim to none)
Good luck!! Don't forget to post pics when you get them. I would love to get some muscovies but afraid they might get int he neighbors pond. He's the only funny acting neighbor we have BTW.
sure thing! Looks like I'm getting them around april *fingers crossed* I can't wait. My regular muscovies are pretty lazy and never wonder far so I'm hoping these beauties will do the same - just to be on the safe side though, I better reinforce the duck pen. Finding out the hard way is never fun
Cross your Muscovey drake with your Pekin hens.
You will get quaclkess fast growing, lean meat ducks.
They grow fast, and males and females are same size (unlike Muscovies).

They can not reproduce (mules).

I,ve done it, no problem, my Muscovy drake had his own hens and 2 Pekin hens available he mated them all with great success.

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