Muscovy looking poor since sitting on her eggs


Jul 12, 2019
So near the beginning or middle of May my 1 year old Muscovy Teddy started sitting on a nest of eggs, that she had laid in one of those plastic chicken nest boxes that hang on the wall. She was very devoted, and I rarely caught her off of her nest. Prior to this she loved bathing in the little kiddie pool I had for her multiple times a day, was a very clean duck. Once the eggs started to hatch it was another story, although most had died before they could start to hatch, she crushed 3 eggs. 1 I found 6 feet from her nest dead and half out of the egg. 2 I hatched out myself cause they were crushed, 1 of them buddy had died when it was nine days old. The other 1( the only one that survived) my baby hope is now 2 and a half months old. I raised baby hope in my house with 4 chicks. So after the eggs were gone Teddy was no longer in the nest box. She just has not looked herself since being broody. She is dirty, her feathers are in bad shape, especially her tail feathers( they are not fluffy they are just like white straws). She hardly every bathes in the pool anymore either just stands beside it, and puts her head in scoops out some water on her head and puts it over her back.

Is there some way I can help her with her feather health? Some kind of food, or vitamin that may help. She eats Gamebird food( has been on the same food since she was little) and is outside as much as she wants through the day in a covered run. She shares her house and run with her baby hope, as well as another young duck, and 4 chickens. She is the head honcho, or pack leader whatever you want to call it she rules the roost. She is not mean to the other ducks and chickens but if she is walking somewhere and they are in her way she gives them a quick peck. She lays an egg almost daily. She has free choice oyster shells and sometimes egg shells, and unlimited grit. As well as occasional blueberries and grapes that grow on my property

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