Muscovy Lovers.... I have a question.


10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
My female muscovy, Lucille, is laying her first eggs and I have a question..... Another local farmer here, where I get my feed, told me that her first eggs would be infertile and I should just take them and eat them.
Is this true? And since she's laying one a night (she has 8 now) how long do I keep taking them? Is this true with every duck. ( this is my first breeding season with ducks)

I have decided that my Muscovies are my FAVORITE ducks. I love how I can hear them hissing when I go to their pen to let them out in the morning, how they the run up to greet me, hissing, every time I step out the door and how I never know what they're going to be perched on next, be it the 2 story deck, the roof or my CAR!!!!! I was washing dishes the the other day and all of a sudden my male was looking at me through the window. Just about scared me to death.My kitchen is on the 2nd story and he flew up and perched on the balcony railing.
Gerry, my male, is so cute. He has the funniest personality and really thinks he owns this farm and even the billy goats get out of his way! My Appleyard/khaki cross that I got from Duck Keeper, was raised with these guys and I feel bad for him when they fly and leave his poor heavy butt on the ground.

On another note, I have more ducklings coming tomorrow!! ( I have decided I am just not patient enough to hatch eggs myself anymore, Sorry Duck Keeper.
) 2 Rouens and 2 black swedish. and then I have 4 pure Appleyards coming 4/5. The brooders are ready and I'm excited to add more ducks to my little flock.
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That is not true. The ban on muscovies as pets and all other uses except food production has been confirmed with the FWS by multiple people including myself. Please do not spread misinformation.
Im not. My veterinarian went to some out of town meeting and the fish and wildlife people were there and they even said that domestics are ok. Also if you look in a certain section (cant remember which one), the law does state that this DOES NOT apply to barnyard domestics.
They must have been misinformed or your vet misunderstood them. The ban has been verified with Dr. George Allen (Chief of the Permits and Regulations branch of the Division of Migratory Birds Management at the Fish and Wildlife Service), the person that wrote the new regulation.
I dunno. Maybe its just my state but Im possitive that it actually says that the law doesnt apply to domestics, just wilds and ferals. Oops I just realized that we are messing up the OP's thread. PM me instead. Sorry OP
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I read the article before you directed me to it. I live in a very rural area and called first my local game warden (who I know personally because of the hunting done on our 260 acre farm Xmas tree farm) and then my local animal control officer who laughed and told me he had muscovies himself, they were his favorite duck and I was fine with my small domestic backyard flock.
This first bunch will be the Mommas and Poppas and most of their babies and eggs will be on my table. I asked both officials to please let me know if and when I should worry. They chuckled again and told me they would.

Now can ANYONE answer my muscovy egg question?
I think that's an old wive's tale. I don't take any of my Muskovy's eggs from them. I did read an article somewhere that stated that a female can choose who she lets mate with her by closing off herself off to the male. Can't exactly remember how it's done, but it was on a modern science site.

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