Muscovy... male or female? Help please ☺️


May 5, 2020

Hi. I have hatched a Muscovy and I just don’t know if it’s male or female. ‘Pip’ is nearly 10 weeks old. Any help on sexing much appreciated Thank you guys xx
I already have a Muscovy male. He attacks everything so I can’t tell by his behaviour if ‘pip’ is a boy or girl xx


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Hens are considerably smaller than males in Muskovies. Since you don't have more birds to compare to then noises Are the clarification. Are you hear any huffing? Is it making other noises? Females will only hiss or huff when agitated. Males will stop making noises other than the huffing. From the stance I would guess it is a male.
I think you're young one is a male. It's got stocky legs, big feet, a rounder head, and that portion from body to the end of the tail is quite long in proportion to the rest of the body. But, since you have another male that's actually not bad. They can be buddies since there are no females for them to fight over.

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