Muscovy Nests *PICS*


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Jul 14, 2009
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I just finished these today so wanted to post pics for anyone interested in seeing them. A couple of the girls have already been poking around in them..(yay!)

It was a pain in the butt cutting them & some arent exactly straight but the 2x4's lined up just fine. No floor, just sat them on the ground. They are 22" wide & although they look short, they are plenty tall enough for a hen, especially a nesting one.





This is the other type of box the girls really like to lay in: 2'Long - 1.5'Tall - 1.5'Wide
(I get about 5-6 eggs a day in a finished box like this)
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Look very cosy....... If I were a girl duck I would be all over those like Oprah on a baked ham LOL (for all those Oprah fans.... no real disrespect intended)
Oh wow!! Bleenie those sure are some neat ideas! Ive been wondering how my girls were going to lay when there are ten hens and only 5 nest boxes and one giant box that ive seem six nests in at one time.

What size were those before you cut them?
I thought that was the nest design of the the barrel nest you would make/use. I am going to make somes like that also. I used the whole drum for goose nests. Thanks for posting the pic.
I used a skilsaw(circular saw) to cut mine, you might want to wear goggles though. It cut through very quickly.
I just used a little Jigsaw to cut them. We drilled small holes in the middle and used that as a starting point. They Are just regular rain barrels that we had laying around. 55gal plastic. We also have 2 more but I wanted to wait and see if they liked them first. Theres already a 'nesty' spot in 2 of them but no eggs yet. I just used screws to attach & hold the 2x4's in place.

It's so funny, I set them up in a pen across from thier night pen and when i let them out the girls all run over to the nesting pen now, lol.

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