Muscovy not very active...

Aug 2, 2018
I recently (little over a week) picked up 4 muscovy ducks. I have been housing them with my chickens. Aside from the fact they poop ssooooo much more, It has been nice. My question is are my muscovy not leaving the coop because of the chickens? They are both around 8-9 weeks old. I have never seen them fight. The most that has happened is the ducks push the chickens out of the way of their pool. Like "This pool is off limits to you chicks" lol. My Male muscovy lays down alot. Does not walk farther then 10 ft from the coop. He arrived this way and I hand picked him hoping I could get him the nutrients and care needed to strengthen his legs. He eats but not around me except x2. That's how I know he eats. The 3 females follow him everywhere and i fear his actions are stopping them from going out and foraging. Any ideas on how to get these ducks used to me or go outside more? I sat with them for a couple of hours each day the first week. They are just so scared still. Do I start feeding less? They always have food available.

The gas can is and only has been water. Hints the spray paint on it. (For the ones that go :-O is that gas!!! Lol)

Or is my daughter the reason they do not venture? She.....loves them very much. Does not leave them alone long. She doesnt chase them but doesnt exactly leave them alone either lol.


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