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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Going Quackers, Jun 8, 2011.

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    May 24, 2011
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    My current situation is my 4 ducklings are put in a run(dog kennel) during the day which has grass and an insulated doghouse and kiddypool then at night we're locking them up in the horse trailer lol The eventual plan is to let the ducks free range during the daytime but they'll still require a safe place at night, so i thought building them a 'duck house' was the right route.. yet after some more reading i am getting conflicting info...

    I have night time predators..and we have cold winters.. like -30C or worse.. plus a few feet of snow to. I have no clue whether i have hens or drakes right now, they are 5wks but seriously look almost all the same but i am an 'untrained' eye anyways lol [​IMG]

    I'm truly confused at this point, i thought making them a duck house for night use and super cold days was the right choice when they were big enough to free range but i am reading there territorial and prefer to not be locked up? [​IMG] if that's the case is the run better to be super enforced so safe for nightime and a better shelter built inside it? The current doghouse is large, it's wooden.. insulated with a shingle roof but other than the door lacks ventilation and such... we put vinyl tile on the floor and a bed of shavings... plus while big.. would fit an 80lb dog i am unsure 4 fully grown ducks would fit comfortably? [​IMG]

    Help? [​IMG]
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    My babies are currently in a dog kennel/run as well. The first set of hatched ducklings have trained themselves to go in at night. The older ducks do not like being locked up. I don't have a "duck house" so to speak but I do have housing where all of the chickens, ducks, turkeys will go in to sleep. Here is a pic of it below.


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