Muscovy owners, I have a question

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10 Years
Jun 13, 2009
white springs, fl
I have a duck on eggs due to hatch...these are my first Muscovys and I plead ignorance with regard to them...I love them...they are very different from the other ducks I have and have had in the past...the four adults I have stay in a covered area where they can not fly away or elsewhere, like the roof, the top of the chicken house or storage building...I provide them a roost so they can get off the ground at night and they often perch there during the day...they have a lot of room in their area for four ducks, including a building, a kiddie pool and nests...
My question is about dewinging the new hatchlings...I read on a hatchery site that you can stop the flying if you clip the third section of one wing during the first few days of life...does anyone do that? It kind of gives me the creepy crawlies but on the other hand, people do many things to many different kinds of animals to alter their natural tail docking, ear cropping, dubbing, de-beaking to mention a few things...
I would like to have more Muscovies but I can't get past the visual of them roosting on my roof with lovely trails of duck poo running down the shingles and all over the place where myself and my dogs must tred...I don't want THAT in the house...maybe I am just being an old picky pants...any thoughts would be appreciated...

I say just clip three feathers on one wing, because it only needs to be done after molting.

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