Muscovy Owners! Where are you?


I Am THE Crazy Duck Lady
11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
Sorry mods, wasnt sure if it went here for ducks or in "where am I, where are you" Move if necessary.

So, it seems that everytime I see people with 'scovies for sale they are so far away from me

So, for People who have Scovies, where are you? Do you selll/trade ducklings, eggs, adults?
I just bought a pair about a month ago along with one incubator duckling. The girl is finally laying again, and I'm going to let her hatch her eggs. I'll be selling ducklings hopefully by the beginning of next spring/summer, depending on how well she can raise the next batch or two. I want to raise a few more before I start selling. I just have what I would call a magpie pair, white with black that has green sheen to the black feathers. I think they're pretty, and I've never met a sweeter duckling! The female is starting to come closer and trying to eat out of my hand, but the drake still doesn't want to have anything to do with me. I'll get him spoiled yet, just you wait, lol!

Emily in NC
I have a drake and three females- one broody; one about to go broody, and one laying.

I am in York County, PA.

Soon I will probably be selling Muscovy ducklings, I suspect.
I'm with most of these people. I'm a newbie to Muscovies, so don't have any to spare this year. Spares are going in the freezer. But I should have ducklings and eggs next year. I'm in central New York.

I wish someone would revise and keep up to date the Muscovy breeder's map. It would be such a useful resource. I've just sent in a listing to them, so we'll see if it actually makes it onto the map. Not quite sure how those Google maps work.
I'm supposed to pick up my first drake and 2 baby girls next week! I can't wait. Sorry-hope you find them close by. I'm driving 6 hours round trip to get these. Really didn't want to try shipping.
I'm in NE Indiana. I just started w/Scovies this year also. I have 4 hens and 1 drake. Hatched out 50 ducklings under broodies so far this spring, sold a few and have a poss. buyer for another 6. I don't plan on selling hatching eggs but will be selling ducklings for pick up only. Extra Scovies are for dinner & I will also start selling the excess eggs for eating. As Kats mentioned, check out the Muscovy Breeder's Map, that's how I found my Muscovy.
I have eggs for sale all the time. I just listed some for sale yesterday. I am in South Carolina.

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