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    I have 2 hens I consider Blue that I want to put in with my Chocolate drake for sex link babies. When i first got them they were both blue, but now one is all blue, and the other is blue but has started to get some brown in her as well. Would you consider this Blue Fawn, or still Blue?
    My chart says:
    ●Chocolate X Blue = Black and Blue males that carry Chocolate, Chocolate and Lilac (blue fawn?) females.
    ●Chocolate X Lilac = 50% Chocolate ducklings, 50% Lilac ducklings.

    So, I don't want to get the eggs mixed up if only 1 hen will throw sex links.

    Here's a pic of the hen in question:

    Sister hen:

    Both of them when I first got them (hen in question on the left):
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  2. both are blue derived as u can tell, but chocolate has shown up in them both, now the one who got darker blue is experiencing a darker chocolate (possible) and the other who got more chocolate is more along the lines of a lilac blue fawn, (btw both of them have the barred gene) wight he barred gene in place when you mate them the babies are gonna be yellow/ a light grey or buff color, with a black, blue, or silverfish tail, there is no way of getting pure chocolate the first time you breed them, its going to take 2 generations, 1st the mom then your gonna have to breed the babies with a chocolate male. Soa byway the barred gene that they are could probably show up in the babies but a good chance some don't , meaning in they could be any color as babies and some might have the wild pattern which is the original pattern for muscovies. anyway no matter how you breed them they will both probably have broader blue fawn babies, and then you'll have to breed those babies. so good luck

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