Muscovy's and Chickens

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    We are looking into probably getting 2 or 3 Muscovy's after hearing they are quiet and friendly, but after asking around we have been told that they are aggressive and may harass our 4 hens.

    We want a territorial bird to chase off cats that although not brave enough to attack the chickens definitely make them nervous, but we also want one that if raised with the chickens and us is not likely to be aggressive towards us.

    I realize that birds can have different personalities, but I am hoping someone can give us some general advice on this since we have heard that they are both friendly and aggressive and are hoping for more information.

    My other problem is that we don't seem to have any hatcheries nearby that sell sexed chicks and with a bird who may be aggressive we would like to start with chicks, but want to know if there are any potential danger to surprise sex combinations that may make it better for us to get older sexed birds.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Muscovies are in general friendly, with people and other ducks of the same breed. The males can be aggressive to any other males (and sometimes humans), and they can hurt your chickens by trying to mate them. You definitely have to stay away from the males if you want to keep the ducks with the chickens. If you just keep females, they are very sweet and nice with humans if they are tamed. I think you’ll be fine, although I’m not positive as to how well they’ll mix with the chickens.

    Can you purchase adults, or older ducklings, old enough that the sex can be easily determined?

    But I’ve never heard anything about Muscovies being territorial. I don’t know whether they would chase cats away or not. Our Muscovies are afraid of our dog, and although males will stand up to almost any attacker, the females probably aren’t going to do anything about the cats besides get nervous.

    Sorry this is so late!

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