??????????Muscovys?????????? HELP!!!

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8 Years
Mar 15, 2011
Odessa, MO
I just got two muscovy girls last weekend and one of them is kinda wanting to go broody. She started plucking feathers and making a nest. She was also siting on them. Now she isnt plucking her feathers anymore and the only time she lays on them is at night. She has only five eggs in there right now. I know with chickens they will wait till they have alot of eggs before going totally broody, is it the same with ducks? This is my first year with sucks so still learning alot about them. If there is anything I could do to help her go broody I would love to know. She is in with all my others and kind of the lowest on the pecking order, so my ancona girl who is the top duck will go in there just randomly and chase her off the nest. But wont do anything else, she just looks at the eggs then walks away, and the scovie goes back in. Also I wasnt prepared for a broody since they are only a year old, and the nest is on the ground. Should I put it in something, or put it up on the shelf. Idk! Please help! Also should I seperate her somehow from everyone else so she can have some peace and quiet, with no cartain little ancona going in and chasing her off. Will she go broody faster if she is left alone, and if I can find some more fertile eggs will that help. Thanks!
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