Mushrooms - cause of death??

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    I am still perplexed by the loss of one of 4 Buff Orphington's last Saturday. The other 3 seem OK, i.e., no alarming behaviors or signs.

    Did I poisen my birds with mushroom trimmings?

    I feed my girls scraps from the kitchen (only after reading the list of do's and don'ts under treats here on the forum). I recently fed them about a cup of mushroom ends (which are not on the list), approx 2 days later I have a dead chicken. Is there a connection, because yesterday, I did the same thing. So far the remaining girls seem fine.

    Today I've been reading quite a lot of posts on the Emergencies topic because I'm still perplexed and concerned for my remaining birds. After re-visiting the treat list, especially the don't section, I saw the links for toxicity and chickens. There they are: Mushrooms.

    My girls are just about 13 months old. I visit my girls daily. I watch them from my kitchen window. My husband built them a marvelous playhouse coop. They are very secure. They are not allowed to roam (my yard is not fenced, we are somewhat rural and local residents let their dogs run free). All that aside, I don't weigh the girls, I didn't even know what a crop is until today, I didn't know I should be feeling for internal eggs, worming the poor things or to not feed them scratch in warm weather. They get Layer and I thought that had everything in it. My birds have seemed content and have historically been good layers. I've never had any serious issues to deal with - no poopy bums or anything. Now and then I'll have an egg whose shell seems more fragile than the others, but I have no idea who's egg it is. They have been confused about where to sleep, in that they had to be put into the coop at night for about a week (after moving the coop). My chicken raising has been very uncomplicated until now.

    Now that I have read much more on BYC, instead of directly disposing of the deceased chicken, I should have inspected her a little further. She looked just fine, i.e., no injuries that I could discern, she was still warm but I should have checked her vent and felt for internal eggs at least or iinspected her comb or wattles or checked her crop. Then at least I'd know if any of those things applied.

    Does everyone weigh their girls? I guess that would be a way of monitoring their health..?
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    I feed mine mushrooms and they are ok.

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