Mushy food recipe for sick hen with cross beak??

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    May 2, 2015
    I have an 8 month old mottled houdan who is sick. I think pneumonia... something respiratory. Most of the flock is responding to the antibiotics except for 2. The houdan has been close to death a lot in the past 24 hours. Because she was so lethargic, I've gave her 40cc of water through a syringe twice. A minute ago, she dipped her beak down into the food but only ate one bite and then tried to go for another but no.... wouldn't eat. I think the meds might be working, but I won't know unless she eats and drinks.

    I've read oatmeal and some have said yogurt (which kind and flavor?). I've never made oatmeal. I could scramble some eggs? Not hers but store bought. She has a crossed beak.. severe. She has usually been okay with normal food. I have to bunch it together and she plunges in. If she's ever looked thin, I've made mush out of her normal food and put some grains in with it.

    Does anyone have a recipe that a very very sick hen might think is yummy enough to get some food in her? Eggs with some meal worms? I worry about too much protein because in the midst of being sick, she laid an egg 2 days ago.

    TL;DR sick hen. need recipe for mushy food that a hen with cross beak could eat.

  2. I make fermented feed for mine. About 8 cups of chicken feed and then 1/4 cup Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, add water until the feed is covered. Let it sit room temperature for a couple of days, it will start to bubble a bit (fermenting process) then its ready to feed them. My chickens love this and go nuts for it! I use Scratch and Peck feed but you can do this with any feed. Oil of Oregano is also a good chicken antibiotic, a few of drops in their water.
    Some people also add a little black strap molasses to their chicken feed but I haven't tried that. Good luck!

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