Musical Broody Hens?!

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    Mar 29, 2009
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    I figured this was a funny store to tell...

    Last year I had three broody hens... my Rhode Island Red Bantam/Red Jungle Fowl, my Silkie and my Black Australorp.
    Everyday I'd go in, check eggs and I'd look at the girls... one day I noticed two hens were switched...
    The next day, two more hens switched...
    By the end of the week, the hens were on different nests!?!?

    At about 2 weeks, one of the hens quit, decided she's tired of this musical dancing deal...
    AND THEN, she comes back in and tries to fight the other hens for their nests...

    I think in the end, they all quawked at each other and only one hen hatched out her eggs... a measly 3 LOL
    Edit: which by the way, all HENS fought over the 3 chicks and at one point, I tried to share chicks LOL those chicks didn't like Musical Mama [​IMG] LOL and ran back to mom LOL
    I guess playing musical broody hens was no fun [​IMG]

    I can tell you that I tried to give them their own pen, only to have them jump off the eggs and walk towards the house or not sit on the eggs and make a fit.
    Sigh, silly silly SILLY hens.

    Now I want them to sit on eggs... : / And no one will... LOL
    It just makes me chuckle to think of how when I wanted hens to go broody, I had 3... where are them broodies now????
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    Jan 14, 2010
    Hens don't believe in following rules. I just wait for them to brood and enjoy watching them!
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    thanks for sharing. [​IMG]

    the solution is incubator i think. a home made one will done well. [​IMG]

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