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    Sep 10, 2014
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    My nine month old partridge rocks went broody on June 6. On the seventh, she switched nests, on the eighth, she switched nests, on the ninth she went back to the original nest. I had collected all eggs that she left and gave her five. She sat that well, and today should be hatch day. But she abandoned that nest for another again during the night Tuesday and refuses to be moved. I put those eggs back under her in the new nest, candled out a empty one and now what? She broke one last night probably because I'm the one that placed it. She did pull eggs under her as I gave them to her. I've set up a dog crate with screening around it for her, should I just move her in there? Can the cracked egg survive being so close to hatch date? Should I just leave it alone?
    She and I are both first timers.

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