Musical nests....frustrating

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    Nov 9, 2008
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    We had three adorable little white call ducks, 1 male and 2 fem. They are so small we have trouble keeping them in the fence. They can find a way under in the smallest places that the water washes out. Well, our male came up missing several days ago. Searching for him we happened upon a nest with 4 call duck eggs in it. We have 2 Muscovy and 3 chicken hens sitting in the nest boxes so we grabbed them and put them under one of the hens. Every day there is a different chicken/duck on them, which is fine......until yesterday when all of the nests had a duck or chickens EXCEPT the nest with the call duck eggs in it. It was fairly warm yesterday, 92 I think. I immediately put them under a hen. Any guesses as to their viability?? I have absolutely no idea how long there was no one on them. When I left for work they were under a hen. We're just leaving them and keeping our fingers crossed.
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    I don't know, it sounds pretty hopeless. Maybe they will hatch but I really doubt it. Good luck!

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