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    i am on a duck group and it is suggested to contact the Fish and Wildlife to include the term PET in the new laws... wanted to pass this on-
    Has everyone that was going to sent their letter to Fish and Wildlife
    Service regarding amending the new Muscovy law ti include "Pet's".
    We may not have a chance but if we don't make oursleves heard we can't even
    say WE TRIED. So if you haven't yes please do so using the templet below
    the format is the format they have asked we use. Ask your Friends an family
    to semd separate letterd as well. The dead line is 11/30/10.
    Is you don't try we can't complain. This effort is for the "PET MUSCOVY".
    For those that are afraid of bringing attention to your own Muscovy by doing
    this you don't say in the letter that you have any. For those that realize
    thsie Muscovy are Grandfathered in with eht new law, send precious pictuers
    along with your letters.
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    I'm with you and I don't own any muscovy ducks.
  3. Caprice_Acres

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    Jun 28, 2010
    They are NOT budging on the 'no pet' law at all. They are VERY firm on this. Generally, 'pet' owners are the ones who dump their animals and to stop this practice, they are making it illegal to own them as 'pets'.

    However, you can get around this by owning just a few females for 'egg production'. You can also sell ducklings if you claim you are selling them for breeding stock (which IS still for profit). There truely is no need to change the wording to allow pets, when they are actually being very lenient as it is.

    Of course, you will still have to pinion/band/tattoo/remove a toe for identification purposes.
  4. desertdarlene

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    Aug 4, 2010
    San Diego
    I do agree with the statement that those who buy them as pets are probably the ones dumping them or letting them escape easily, but I wonder why they don't restrict owning other breeds of ducks, too? Pekins are very common dumpees, too. We even see runners and cayugas, too. Why aren't they being restricted? Is it because people buy Muscovy ducklings and then don't like the way they look or act when they grow up? Or, is it because Muscovies tend to be prolific breeders?
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  6. Dances with Ducks

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    True!! Runners, Pekins, Cayugas . . . not so much. Still don't like it, especially the ID part.
  7. Caprice_Acres

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    Jun 28, 2010
    It's probably because muscovies are good breeders AND good flyiers. The rest of the duck breeds get eaten alot by predators or are easily caught with a net. 'Scovies just fly away. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Although I resent too much Gov intervention in our lives, I do agree that pet owners are mostly responsible of careless disposal of no more wanted animals.

    Also I do oppose making "pets" of most farm animals (birds) particularly ducks, which are very social animals but they want to live with their own.

    And please do not give me give me this crap about "imprinting" their owners image and loving him or her to death.

    That is wishfull and selfish thinking. Then I read ads like this on Craiglist everyday:

    "Need to rehome my ducks to loving home, they are pets, not for eating". Well if you think you made them pets why you want to switch resposibility to care for them to somebody else? (as pets)

    Leave ducks alone, the only poultry suitable for pets are perhaps SOME (not all) Serama chickens.
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    NYREDS Overrun With Chickens

    Jan 14, 2008
    Quote:Muskovies, in nature, are a migratory fowl. Don't see too many Pekins walking south fot the winter.
  10. Boggy Bottom Bantams

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    Quote:The breeding is a small part of it, but muscovies are originally a wild species to start with, like the mallard, so both should have always been protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Cayugas, pekings, etc, are all domestic breeds created off the mallard, so not being a true wild species, they have no jurisdiction over them.
    Basically, like people always do, we were given a ton of leniency with them to start with, took advantage of it, so now Daddy's taking away the privilege we had...
    From my understanding, you can still own and breed them, but they have to now be treated like the wood ducks and teal and such.
    I was just on the US Fish and Wildlife Service website last week looking up migratory species info, and do recall seeing a section on there pertaining to the new muscovy laws and possible amendments to it, but didnt look at it, as I dont keep them myself, but it's on there, yall may want to take a look as see what "THEY" are saying in regards to all this, then you can be better prepared to fight it, though it wont do any good I hate to say, when they have gone this far with it, their mind is already made up.
    I'll get the link if needed

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