Musovies for sale, WA State PICS

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  1. I have several chocolate pied females available, as well as a possible young male or two (I'll have to check).

    My MIL butchered 10 of these on Saturday and these were the ones she could not catch--so she said that I could "have them" if I could catch them and she only gave me a week to catch them before they get the .22 rifle. [​IMG]

    Unfortunately, these are all related to my birds and I don't need any more pairs of ducks that are related to mine! [​IMG] So I'm going to try to catch these tonight & house them temporarily until they find new homes. I'm asking $20 each for them or $30 for a pair.

    They were all hatched last spring (2007) or this spring (2008).



  2. Examples of the ducks for sale:

    Young drake, photo taken in June

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