Must See.. Small Portable Tractor Coop, Introduce New Hen / Chicken Coop, Isolation Coop.. its a Che


8 Years
I needed an isolation coop yesterday for a wet chicken to finish drying off and so I could observe her and I really didn't just want to put her in a dog kennel. She was acting fine so I didn't want to put her in chicken jail I just wanted her isolated so I could watch her for a while. I put this together this morning in about 30 minutes from stuff I already had in my garage. I made it small enough to be able to drag it around and through a door way into the house. I have made several of attempts at a functional multi use coop and I think I finally have a winner so I wanted to share

1 tote bin w/lid
1 piece wood for perch
fence panels, I have a bunch I just used a few this would be a size optional item.
zip ties
Drill and drill bit
nest box (used hospital basin)
Water and Feed containers.


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