MUST they roost??

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    Nov 28, 2012
    I have a coop that has an upstairs and a downstairs- I have 4 birds and just bought 3 more. In order to integrate, they will be housed separately for awhile, however that means my current group will be up and my new group will be down. The "downstairs" is more open air, and although it does have roosts I will be making a little "house" to put inside for them to go in. This house is more than likely where they will stay at night (warmer) but will not have any roosts. Does anyone see this as a problem? The new birds are adults, fully feathered and probably used to roosting at night. Thanks for the input.

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    It shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't free range them. If I don't provide roosts but do free range the birds, they will choose the trees over their coop after a certain age.
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    Is it possible to put a roost in? I have a coop that is small, I have a 2x4 running the length of it, it is positioned only 2 inches or so above the shavings. I believe it is instinct for them to roost to sleep. Someone told me 18 inches of space is what's needed above the roost. I imagine your chickens will survive without one, but I would try to work one into your plans.

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