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May 28, 2017
about 6 months ago my family brought home silkies, 4 of them ended up being boys. three of the boys crow and rough house but the 4th wants no parts, he backs down and hides , and when every rooster on the property starts to crow he dose not, he has never crowed but once i believe and never again. is there any reason as to why he never crows?? we just separated him from the rest of the boys and put him with the girls whom he seems to be happier with , and no theres no chance of him being a girl.
He has been keeping quiet to avoid having his butt kicked. He will likely find his voice once he realizes he is the only male among the hens.
Probably is the lower man.Weaker roosters who are below the others try keeping quite,also known as subordinate roos.I had a rooster who wouldn't crow for nothing,he was at the end of pecking order,I would ave to bring him inside just to hear him crow.

Soon though he begun crowing,which I thought nothing about,but when really him and his brother preparing for a show down and within a few days or maybe week or so later,they tried killing one another. That was the only time he crowed outside,a few days before the altercation.

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