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    Nov 10, 2009
    What do you do with a mutt? My little group of hens needed a roo and I talked the wife into it. I wanted a Silkie roo to go with the two hens I have but I could not find one around here. I found a nice Mille Fleur d'Uccle roo and got him for my flock. I also have 2 Millie hens and a porcelain d'uccles hen also one golden Sebright hen. I wanted to hatch out a few eggs to make sure he was doing his job and ended up with all mutts.3 are silkie/millie mixed and 2 are sebright/millie mixes. The silkie mixes look pretty cool so far going on 3 weeks old and the sebright mixes look just like the hen but have some light feathering on the feet. I just don't need all these chicks. In the spring I will separate the d'Uccles and get some pure breads going. If anyone is in south central Kentucky and want's some mutts let me know.
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    Wish you were closer... that's all I have... wonderful Banty mutts. [​IMG]

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