"Mutt-egg Chain"?

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by Carole AM, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Carole AM

    Carole AM Songster

    Jan 12, 2007
    Goshen, Indiana
    Is it still going or did it die for lack of interest? I can't find it.
  2. msrma7670

    msrma7670 Songster

    IT died [​IMG]
  3. ginasmarans

    ginasmarans Songster

    Jan 15, 2007
    West Tn
    I hated to see it split from the other chain,but I guess it was inevitable. The other chain is moving slower now. It may die for awhile and pick up after everyone has gotten their eggs hatched.
  4. cluckychick

    cluckychick Songster

    Mar 29, 2008
    South of KCMO
    <---wishes she had eggs to offer or a broody hen [​IMG]

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