Mutt (?) eggs for sale--Indiana

Carole AM

13 Years
Jan 12, 2007
Goshen, Indiana
I am getting too many eggs per day now, and want to offer them for sale. I have assorted standard & bantam; pure and mixed breeds, plus turkey and duck eggs. A dozen for $15, shipping is included. "A box of chocolates" assortment!

For standards, I have Cochins, Brahma, Naked Necks, Polish, EE's, and mixes of these.

Bantams are: OEGB, Cochin, Silkie, showgirls, mixes

Ducks are Runner, Call, East Indie, and Blue swedish
Turkeys are Royal Palm, Blue Slate, Wild/RP cross
Hello Carole
Duck, Turkey and Chicken eggs, What a deal. If I did not have both bators full I would jump on these now. I love the last mutt eggs I got from you last time and if you have more at the end of the month I would love to get some from you then. Enjoy Dennis

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