Mutt is a Blue Ginger??? Breed experts! Pics included!

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  1. My mutt chick (Fawn silver Duckwing X some other color) is beginning to show the exact colors of my blue ginger hen! It could also be Ginger red, I'm not sure yet. Anyway, my question is, What colors were mixed to get the original Ginger red? My mutt may be a mix of those colors.

    Middle chick-


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  2. Anyone have answers for me?
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    Ginger Red is made of 2 genes eb(like Brown Leghorn) and Db(Dark brown)
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    I think they are e+ based.
    Instead of with Db they could be created with heterozygous Columbian Co/co+.
  5. The mother is fawn silver, isn't that pattern very similar to brown? The father could be Pyle, Black tail Buff, or Porcelain. I also have a fawn silver rooster, but I don't think he's a possibility, because that would make a fawn silver chick.

    Thanks for the help

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