mutt turkeys


11 Years
Apr 21, 2012
i had planned on getting royal palms due to the smaller size, then I came across a dozen eggs from a mixed pen of (black spanish,royal palm, red bourbon, chocolate, blue slate calico) quite a combination. so what should I expect if i can hatch any (second try). ,i have had day olds in the past that did good but I hoping to hatch some .....then keep a couple each year for next seasons breeding..
I've recently bought poults that were from a mixed pen of, Spanish Black, Royal Palm, Bourbon Red and narragansett. Most of them look similar to spanish black , but two are a dark brown that I have never seen in a poult before.
I have several Narragansetts, 1 Bourbon Red hen and 1 hen that is a Bourbon Red cross. My poults this year all look alike, with the Bourbon Red mix being just a little lighter yellow. I think there are mixed feelings on breeding them: after the first year you loose some of the hybrid cross benefits. If you are just planning to eat them, think it will be fine. I would try to pick a couple that look as pure as you can and only keep them for breeders. Or at least get the best you can, like both my toms were pure Narragansett, some of the moms were mixed.

Not sure how well you can tell but these are my poults hatched last night. The one on the bottom is full Narragansett, and is much darker, has the darker brown lines as well as the yellow. The one at the top is half Bourbon Red (mom) and Dad is Narragansett. You can see how the dark isn't as dark, the lines are not as large and the rest is a lighter brown. The picture may not do it justice, but the difference is there. Hope this helps.
thanks, i am not worried about keeping pure lines right now, just trying to get a start, will most likely keep a couple thru the winter and see what happens in spring....hoping that i find that I like a certain breed then take it from there.
I would consider keeping 2 hens and 2 toms, unles you think you need more. I had a stray dog come thru and kill my only tom. So besides working to keep the dogs out, I won't keep just one in case somehting happens to it.
Right now I have some cross breed poults and I'm excited to see how they turn out.

Their father is one of our two Narragansett toms. The hen is a Blue Palm. You can see how they look a bit different from each other too.

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