My 1 Month Old Barred Rock Chick Sick /Injured?

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    Feb 15, 2011
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    Yesterday when my daughter & I went out to feed & water the chicks, one of them, a barred rock chick, had her head tucked way up under her body & was scooting around in the box. She looked like she was trying to pluck her feathers & she would every so often, wipe her head on the ground from side to side.

    We immediately took her out of the box in case it was contagious & put her in her own area, away from the others. She kept her head down most of the day. It looked like she couldn't lift her head all the way up, just side to side. Eventually, though, last night, she started eating & drinking later on in the day. I thought she was on the mend.

    However, this morning, she was back to the strange behaviour again. She's literally standing on her head! It looks like the feathers around the area where her ears are supposed to be are rubbed off...((Not all of them. It's just I can see where the ear holes are now...there's some over the spot, however.))

    Would an ear / neck injury make her act that way? None of the others show any symptoms like this.

    **I should note that the lady I got the chicks from said that of the 25 she ordered ((She kept 5, I got 20) 2 of them were acting a little "goofy" & she kept one & I the other. I didn't notice anything amiss at the time other than one looked smaller than the rest. Not sure if this means anything AND since they've lost the different identifying marks we used to name them all...I don't know if it's the same chick or not! [​IMG]

    I don't even know if I've made any sense...I feel so bad for the poor thing. Not sure if I should wait & see if she gets better or if I'm making her suffer. [​IMG]

    Any thoughts / ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks & God bless!


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