My 14 wk old Golden Campine/splash Andalusian cross


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Oct 30, 2016
Southeast Montana
Here are the chicks at 14 wks old. I posted a thread asking about sex linking this cross because I had 3 that were born with a brown spot on their backs and faces and 1 that was all blue and I was told they weren't sex linked. I totally accept this as factual but oddly enough, all 3 with brown are cockerals with brown marks and my lone pullet was born with, and still has a black comb and is still all blue. What's even weirder is that all 3 cockerals are colored different lol I almost want to keep them long enough to see them as adults but I already have 3 roos.

And this mother, still mother's them. They still follow her everywhere and she still clicks at them and they all sleep together still. And yup, she's still not laying.

Some asked me to post pics of the cross so feel free to move if it's in the wrong spot:)


Jun 16, 2017
N Central MT
hi! Those are beautiful birds!
Where are you located in SE MT??? I might be willing to adopt/purchase one of your cockerals. My pullets are almost a year old, we'll be getting another handful of day-olds in a week or two... they might do well with a sweet roo, it's too much to hope for an oops roo <G> That seems to only happen when one does not want it to.. (I'm in between Bozeman and Helena. and do not know how to set this up as a pm)
FWIW, we have a good set up, no neighbors, HOA or ordinances to deal with. Our chickens have a safe coop/run and protective dogs. They free range, mostly around the house and gardens. None of them will be invited to dinner or freezer camp.


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Aug 4, 2014
West Coast
Pretty little guys.

I have some similar crosses involving a Golden Campine rooster on one of my mutt setting hens (she is Blue Cochin Bantam X Silkie X Auracana Bantam cross) after the little blue mutt vanished for weeks and suddenly reappeared with a pile of chicks one day.

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