My 17 week silkie just threw up water and died


Oct 22, 2020
Midlands UK
I noticed yesterday that one of my silkies out of a batch of 17 was hanging back from the rest and looked as if she could be hiding.

she had an empty crop at night before this and I didn’t think much of it until today I noticed the hanging back and she wouldn’t come out with the others.

I inspected her droppings and no worms and nothing visually wrong with her. I spent ages looking for lice/mites. And one the second look I did see just one tiny white thing that moved.
I’ve had some food grade DE earth butnnot used it, after seeing the lice I put a sprinkle under her wings and syringed in some water in her beak and offered her seeded bread and she packed at it a little - because she felt exhausted and like she was giving up. Her eyes were closed a lot and she felt like she constantly wanted to rest
I separated her about 6 hours ago and bought her in on her own in a dark coop.
Her crop felt squishy with water
I picked her up and water fell out of her mouth continuously and I’m sure she’s passed now

what do I do now?

she was one of my 13 chickens I hatched this year and it was a pullet :(. 6 are Roos


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Apr 3, 2011
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The problem with looking for worms in the droppings, is that most worm eggs are microscopic, and a fecal float by a vet is the best way to rule out worms. If you see worms in the poop, there may be a big overload. Sorry that you lost her. She might have been very low in the pecking order, and not getting enough to eat or drink, or she could have been sick. Sometimes when picking up a chicken with a full crop of water, it can be easy to accidentally squeeze the crop and cause them to vomit and choke. If you still have the body, you could keep it cold, not frozen and take it to your vet tomorrow for a necropsy or do one yourself at home. Sometimes by inspecting the abdominal contents and organs, we may get clues. Take pictures and post if you do that.

I stopped hatching chicks long ago, because unless you butcher the extra cockerels, it can be hard to find anyone that wants them.

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