My 1st coop attempt (with pics)

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  1. Jayare's Chicks

    Jayare's Chicks Songster

    Aug 25, 2007
    Florence, Alabama
    I am just about done with it and then I will work on the run.
    I am not a carpenter at all but I am willing to learn and try.
    Here are some pics, more to follow as the work continues.







  2. Rafter 7 Paint Horses

    Rafter 7 Paint Horses Songster

    Jan 13, 2007
    East Texas
    Sure looks good to me. Can't wait to see pictures of the inside and the run you are going to build.
    I really like the big clean out doors.

  3. Scrambled Egg

    Scrambled Egg Flock Mistress

    Aug 29, 2007
    Fayetteville, NC
    Looks great, good job...happy chickens will live there!! [​IMG]
  4. lyndatu

    lyndatu Songster

    Nov 13, 2007
    It's very nice! Good Job! [​IMG]
  5. lurky

    lurky Songster

    Jun 4, 2007
    Western MA
    That looks great. The chickens will love the area under it.
  6. WoodlandWoman

    WoodlandWoman Crowing

    May 8, 2007
    That looks really fantastic! I think you did a really great job on your coop! I love that style and it looks like it will be very easy to clean and do chores in. I hope you post more pictures when you get the run done.

    I live in a very different climate from yours, so I'm not quite sure what you need for chicken housing in your area, but I'm a little worried that you'll need more ventilation added, especially for the summer. You might still be working on that, I just wanted to mention it.
  7. AtRendeAcres

    AtRendeAcres Songster

    May 23, 2007
    Clarion County


  8. TxChiknRanchers

    TxChiknRanchers Songster

    Aug 18, 2007
    Southeast Texas
    Looking forward to more pics! Good job. Yes you are probably in the same type of climate we have here in Texas, so you will probably need some openings coverd with hardware cloth and screen to make it comfortable in the heat.

    Here is a post of one we are working on showing some ventilation, We are going to add two more windows with glass and screen by spring. We slide it around on the ground but it is a lot like yours.

    Keep us posted!
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  9. Jayare's Chicks

    Jayare's Chicks Songster

    Aug 25, 2007
    Florence, Alabama
    Thanks for all the nice comments, I have 2 pieces of glass about 10x12 inches that I was planning on putting in on two sides when I can decide how I'm going to do it or try to find some small windows somewhere and put them in. I do plan to put some sort of ventalation in but I'm waiting on that till about April/May when the weather starts to get warmer and they need it, I just didn't want to put it in now and make the "young" chickies too cold for the winter. I have been trying to decide whether to just cut a hole and put in some hardware cloth and have some shutters to cover it in the winter or go with some sort of vent cover like you would get at Lowes/Home Depot for your floor heater vents or the wall where the filter goes.

    We just moved down here from Alaska and I know what cold is but I don't know how cold it gets here yet. Heck I still wear shorts everyday and people here can't believe i'm wearing shorts in the winter.

    I will be putting in the fence stakes this weekend (hopefully) and putting up the chicken wire. I am ordering a 25x50 net from e-bay that will cover it to keep the hawks out. They should have a pretty big run.

    More pics to come in the next few days.

  10. mdbucks

    mdbucks Cooped Up

    Jul 14, 2007
    EXIT 109 on 95
    Look for someone getting thier windows updated, your chickens wont mind not having double pane windows.

    Of you cant find any make a frame solid on front then 1/4 round to hold the glass in place.

    You might also look at yard sale/ auction to get windows. I got sliding glass doors which I turned sideways and into a window for 2 bucks because one of the doors leaked.

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