My 1st hatched chick. I'm the proud new mom of a Barred Rock chick.


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Apr 18, 2009
Southeast Alabama
I just had to start a separate thread the announce the hatching of our 1st chick! This is the first time we have incubated, so I am such a proud new mom!
It's a little Barred Rock chick and it's already out in the incubator trying to move around and chirping like crazy!
I have a broodie that hatched a baby chick Saturday 6/13. She had several other eggs under her, but none of the rest have hatched. Is there any chance of any of the rest of them hatching? They were all placed under her at the same time. She's in a separate fenced in area with food and water as well as her baby chick. I'm afraid that it is keeping her too busy to concentrate on staying on the eggs.
I now have 3 White Leghorn/Rhode Island Red cross chicks, 4 Barred Rocks, and 1 that I think is a Barred Rock/Wyandotte cross. The only problem is that that all the Rocks look so much alike that I don't know which is the cross.
I knew which egg was a bit different, but the eggs are long gone at this point. I guess we will figure it out when they get feathers.

thegoodlifefarm, I am not sure about the answer to your question. My suggestion would be for you to start a separate thread with your question (or part of it) in the title and see if anyone who is more experienced can help you. I am new to hatching, so this was actually my first hatch. None of my chickens are old enough yet for me to have any broodies, but some are getting close. I would think they should hatch within a few days of each other if they were put under the mama at the same time, but I know that hatching times vary. Some people say they have eggs hatching at 18 days and some say that some of theirs don't hatch until 23 days have passed. Mine all happened to hatch exactly on the 21st day and through that night, but I know it won't always be like that.

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