My 1st Opossum Attack

Luvin Life

10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
Brownsburg, Indiana
I woke up this morning (230 am) to this horrible ruckus going on outside. I ran out to investigate. I've got 2 opossum in the run.
One has my hen Red, she is throwing a fit.
Thankfully they took off when I ran out there yelling and screaming. They dropped Red, (she is missing a lot of feathers but is okay), climbed the fence and sat there!! Looking like they were laughing at me!!!

My DH is with me, he starts throwing apples at them, I'm yelling "Grab it by the tail"! Where is Miss Jayne with the coal shovel, when ya need it?!
I know they will be back, I'm sure that there are several family members looking for a meal, hopefully not tonite.

I have to tell you I feel lucky this time. I will be predator proofing my coop and run today.
Coming from a biology background, I know that opossum's serve a good purpuse. However, from a chicken lover's perspective--I hate them!!! I have a 22 rifle, that I ask my husband for just so I could shoot opossums. I live trap them and 'coons and then I give the coup de grace! I used to feel sorry for the 'coons, until they threw a party in my garden, but not anymore! A opossum will sneak up on a sleeping chicken....and, well, it just isn't right what they do....

I am so GLAD your chickenn made it....
Traps and 22's......
Good LUCK!
My coop has a small sliding door on the side where the chickens come and go through during the day. It is on a pully system so it is easy to open in the morning and close at night. One morning, I went out early when it was still dark to raise the door to let them out before I left for work and was shocked and horrified and scared sh*$less to find an opposum in their fenced in run (I had left the fence gate open that night but the chickens were locked up in their run luckily). I didn't notice it at first, so I lifted up the chicken door before I realized it was in the yard. I freaked a bit and stomped at it. Then realized I was standing at the only opening of the fence and the chicken door was opened. It headed straight for the coop. I grabbed the pully rope and quickly closed the door and the rascal ran out of the yard. Close Call!!!
I have to tell you, my dad would grab them by the tail....really fast and throw them!!! They have big teeth and look scary, but in reality, they are much more afraid of you than you are of them......Honestly, I would have charged him and kicked him a good one. Of course, I always have my dairy boots on when I go to the chicken yard. Don't be afraid....Give them a boot....a bullet is better but a boot will do!
I set traps for them and try to relocate them on the other side of the mountain where people don't live & no possibility of them returning, but if I catch them attacking my birds, I shoot. I have had to kill 5 or 6 over the last few years. I have found that if a opossum attacks one night and gets away, it always comes back and tries again within the next 2-3 nights -- you'll eventually have to shoot it OR trap it & relocate it.

I agree they are really much more afraid of you (than you of it) & showing their teeth and the hissing they do when caught are just their "bluff." I also agree they serve a useful function in the natural order eating carrion & lots of mice. Opossums are a danger to your chickens though & they will be back.
You know that nasty possom that got my girl Red the other night!?
Well this time momma came a huntin,
I was on the back deck and I spotted her on the 6' fence, ran over there and knocked her down. DH came over with a bb gun trying to get her. That didn't do a thing. Knocked that possom crazy on the head w/ hammer, grabbed the shovle to finish the job.

Worst thing I know there are more. They can't get to my hens. Will they come during the day?

The hawk tried to grab Red the day after she had her run with the possom. We were all outside when the hawk tried to grab her.

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