My 1st time being questioned by the police...rant!

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    Jul 26, 2009
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    Just had to rant!

    So just sitting at home minding my own buisness watching Interview With the Vampire (great movie btw) when I get a knock at the door...Open it up and who could it be? Two State Troopers!

    Let me give you the back story:

    A few weeks ago as some of you might know I got 2 horses with the only other horse savvy person in my family, my aunt. We soon realized that our collection of horses was going to destroy her backyard ( [​IMG] what did she expect) We got to looking and found some kick butt pasture just 2 mins from my house that was for rent...really cheap, only $100 a month for 25 fenced in acres! We were so so excited! Now we could get the other two horses that we had been considering and not feel bad that we dont have great grazing...

    We talked to the landlord-to-be several times, went and saw the property a few times, walked the fence while waiting for the insurance to go through. It was great, everything that we had been looking for. Then my aunt decides to go up today (just this morning) with her husband to check out the water pumps and make sure they were in good shape or need to be replaced or whatever, with permisson of the land owner, they had just spoken on the phone that morning. They pull in the entry and get out to walk up to the pasture, its pretty out there and the across the street neighbor comes flying out of the house demanding what they were doing there. They explain that they were there looking at the water pumps, we were the new renters. The guy (who was drinking beer as well at 10 o'clock in the morning) gets loud with them, telling them that the property was not for rent, they were mistaken and to get out of here. Apparently they tried to reason with him as it was obvious he was intoxicated and he just got louder and more vulger. He then began calling my aunt very inappropriate names and my uncle stepped in and more or less told him to shut up about his wife. The guy then goes after my uncle physiclly. My uncle declines to fight obviously and they leave.

    They go home (30 mins away too) and call the land owner who tells them its just all a big misunderstanding, come back and he will meet them there and they will go check out the water. My aunt and uncle go back this time with their two large high-school aged sons. Don't get the wrong idea though, we are a very non-violent group. They went because my aunt and uncle were scared of the neighbor and figured that there was safety in numbers. After all what man in his right mind would attack a whole family? Especially one containing two large boys. So they go back, meet the landlord and are about to go up the the field when out comes Mr.Neighbor. Mr.Neighbor is just as intoxicated as ever and just as loud and obnoxious as ever. Words are exchanged, the neighbor apparently has on ongoing relationship with the landlord, he bushwacks the fields for $$ anually. He screams at the landlord, "Tell them your not renting the property, Don!" and the landlord being a very old man agrees he is no longer renting.

    My aunt and family leave. Get home, she calls me as I am out of work by this time and tells me what happened. Obviously Im super suprised, I had just been up there a week ago to take some pics and check out some fence and ment Mr.Neighbor. He walked across the street as I was pulling in and asked what was up. I told him we were renting the field and he was very plesant saying its good the old guy found someone to rent it so it wont stand vacant. He was as nice as can be.

    This brings me to the knock at the door.

    Apparently after my aunt left the neighbor called to police and told them that someone had been there harrassing him. That they then left, came back with a carload of people and tried to run him over! They (the cops) came to my house bacause he said some women who lived on my road in a green Ford keep going by and harassing him (I drive past at least 4 times a day, its on the way to like, everywhere) The police just wanted to know what went on and all that. I answered the best I could as I was not there and just heard about it.

    SO I guess we are not getting our pasture after all [​IMG]

    Also now that I think of it Im pretty sure that guy must be harvesting deer/animals up there ileaglly. There was a hunting blind all set up in an abandoned falling down house that we wondered about but didnt really think about. The land owner's wife was also very insistant about insurance (we would have it anyways) she kept saying something about there being alot of hunting/shooting up there and that she wouldnt want our animals being hurt. Hard to tell though exactly what she ment, she had a very, very thick russian accent. There are also crazy ammounts of deer around here all year round, every time I have been up there I have seen whitetail. The neighbor is also a known hunter, fake deer and targets set up around his yard, buddies up every weekend on ATVs.....The pasture is also super secluded, way off from the road and surrounded with thick woods and no neighbors..

    So I guess thats it, at least no $$ was exchanged...end rant/
  2. Stacykins

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    Jan 19, 2011
    Escanaba, MI
    Even if the landlord is a nice fellow, that neighbor is a real nut job. I'd look for another place to pasture your horses if I were you. He may try and injure your animals on purpose.
  3. spiritdance

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    Dec 13, 2010
    Does your state have any rules about verbal contracts? If so, I think I'd point that out to the landowner. Furthermore, if this abusive drunk was so easily able to "persuade" the owner to back out of the deal, might there be a history of abuse or intimidation there? And I guess I'm just kind of spiteful, because I think a certain drunken loudmouth would find the game warden on his doorstep every time I even THOUGHT I heard a gun go off .. he shouldn't dish the @#$# out if he can't take it.
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    Wow... i'd be thankful that you got out of that mess.. i wouldnt want to be renting from those folks and deal with that crazy neighbor..
  5. onthespot

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    I think the drunk committed elder abuse when he ruined his chance to rent the pasture. Report him to Adult Protective Services. I think the pasture owner was intimidated out of renting to you and suffered financial loss. That is emotional and financial abuse.
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    Jul 26, 2009
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    Im just glad to know now rather then get our animals up there and somthing happen to them.

    I am deffiently think that there is some sort of 'bullying' or abuse between the old man and the neighbor.....Stinks and I feel awful about it but really what am I to do? I am however thinking about getting ahold of a game warden or conservation officer and telling them what I saw..I dont want to stir up trouble for the old guy, he was nothing but decent to us and is an agreeable guy but I dont think the neighbor should get away with this...
  7. bufforp89

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    Jul 26, 2009
    Chenango Forks NY
    Quote:I didnt really know there was such a thing. I am going to mention it to my aunt and see what we can do if there is indeed something.
  8. MeatKing

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    Very sad the way some people treat our elderly!!
  9. herfrds

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    Jan 11, 2010
    I would go talk to the landlord once more.
    Make sure he is ok and find out if this guy has a history of bullying him.

    The biggest thing that ticks me off faster then anything is elder abuse in any form.
  10. PineappleMama

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    Wow nice neighbor... he gets paid money to bushwack and threatens anyone who might come between him and that income. Yeah that's a real sweetheart... and that not counting possible poaching or the drunken oaf bits.

    I'd be thanking my lucky stars I got to meet Mr Anti-Rodgers BEFORE the contract signing I can tell you!

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