My 2 1/2 week old quail chick was attacked by my dog


Jun 3, 2020
Hi there,

I am a brand new quail owner and just picked up my chicks this last weekend. If has been hot here in California, so they spent one night inside and now are out in the coop full time. Yesterday while checking on them, I noticed their water had spilled and got some of the wood shavings wet. I was changing the shavings and one little quail snuck out of the door I had opened. I went to grab her but my dog saw here and snatched her up and shook her a little. I yelled at my dog and she dropped her and I managed to get her back in the coop. I put my dog in the house and then assessed her. She was hanging out in the back of the coop, no blood, but was hobbling a bit when she did move. She is still eating and drinking. I brought her in the house and am keeping her in a bin with wood shavings, water, food and a small towel to lay on. She spent the night inside but is occasionally calling out to her friends (at least I think thats what she's doing) She flapped her wings this morning but is still hobbling around a little. Should I keep her separate from the others until she seems fully healed or go ahead and add her back since she's moving around a bit and eating and drinking? I know sometimes the injured one can get picked on so I want to make sure she stays safe. Any advice would be appreciated:)


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Mar 19, 2020
South-Eastern Montana
As long as they're not bleeding it should be fine. Are they all hens, a male and his hens or multiple male's and hens? The biggest problem I could we is if she is a male and there are other males. They tend to care about each other showing weakness the most and it can get ugly fasr. I had a male that was a little roughed up i put in a batchlor pad and the next morning he was really badly scalped.

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