My 2 month old Mallard duckling died today.


10 Years
Apr 8, 2013
Labadie Missouri
I had 4, 2month old mallard ducklings. They were all fine this morning when I was cleaning out their brooder and giving them fresh water and their duck starter. They were outside in their brooder today to start socializing with my other duck and chickens. It was warm enough for them to be outside for the day. When I left for the store all 4 of them were fine and happy. When I got home from the store only 3 of them were fine and happy. The other one was wet, cold, and having a seizure, and proceeded to have more. So I quickly picked him/her up wrapped him/her up in a towel dried it off and started to slowly warm it back up.This is what the seizure was: when he/she would start having an episode it would pull it’s head back, get kind of stiff and aggressively flap its little wings. The poor thing wouldn’t eat or drink on its own, so I spooned some water into it, making sure it took the water on it’s own so it wouldn’t aspirate. I also gave it some poultry drench. I’m keeping a close eye on the other 3 but so far they are fine. When I go to the feed store later I’m going to see if they have any b12 in case something like this starts to happen to any of the others, I also have niacin on hand just in case as well. Just before this little duckling passed he/she was full of energy , looking around, and talking to me. I should mention that I had it separated from the others and had it on the floor in my bathroom, the warmest place in my house. Also when they were out they were in their box and the other chickens and ducks couldn’t come into contact with them only see them, also no other animals would be able to have gotten to them.

I guess my question is does anyone know what this little duck could have died from, and what are somethings I can do to help my other ones if this starts to happen to them?
I am so sorry fir your loss. I have no idea what could have caused her death.
Often they are sick long before we notice. I had a duckling, I called him Lefty because his left foot stuck out to the side when he walked. He was happy and eating for about a week and then within a 1/2 hour after I checked on him, when he looked great he died. I think something else was wrong and his left foot was only a symptom.
Your ducks are older, but if you didn’t find any injuries, he was born with a malformation or had an infection.
It sounds like you are doing everything correctly.

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