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    Jun 16, 2011
    This is my first time raising chickens. I babysat a friend's chickens this past winter while they were in Florida, and I fell in love with them. After that pleasant experience and much research, I went and ordered day-old chicks from my local feed and seed. I wanted Rhode Island Reds, but they only had what they called "Brown Laying Hens" ... so I ordered 8 hens and 1 rooster. They're sex-links, or Red Stars. I didn't know their actual name until I did more research and asked around; from hatch the hens are yellow and the roosters are white. One of the hens died on its second day of life. It wasn't easy to deal with, but I understood that not all of them survive every time. She's in a better place now. I received them on April 19th.

    They're about 2-months-old right now, and already enjoying time outdoors. They have a huge coop; it's insulated and made extremely strong with full-size windows and their own "chicken door" to go out to their enclosed yard. It has electricity, heat for the winter, and I even gave them their own radio. They're extremely spoiled and get leftovers all the time. They do associate me with food, but they (even at two-months) aren't too keen on being handled. How do so many people make holding their chickens look so darn easy? The rooster, Foghorn, even lightly pecks me at times when I try to pick him up. It's all good.

    Foghorn - the rooster - is the white guy peering into the camera. Two of the hens are to the right. The one with the most white (second from right) is Miss Prissy. She's larger than the other 6 hens.

    Here are a few of them getting ready to rest in one of their favorite spots in their yard.
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    May 16, 2011
    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from Missouri [​IMG]
    You will sure have happy chickens when they grow up [​IMG]
    As far as holding them...I worked with mine since they were 1 day old.
    I give each of mine "1 on 1 time" EVERY day.
    and now at almost 7 weeks old, they all let me hold them and they even sit on my lap and watch TV or surf the Internet with me (when i decide to bring one in ).

    Best Wishes,
    Laura [​IMG]
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    Welcome from PA!

    Your chickens will respond to you more over time as they associate you with food, water, and treats. Act naturally around them and give them time. They really respond well to routine. Little changes can freak them out. (When I changed from my summer chicken clogs to my winter chicken boots, especially the roos started flipping out. They attacked my shoes!) Evenings when they are on the roost is an easy time to get them used to more handling in the beginning and to give them a weekly health check. When they start laying they will naturally be easier to handle. The roo on the other hand may get more aggressive, so make sure you give him special attention from the get go and make sure he knows you are in charge. A good way to do that is tuck him under your arm and carry him around for a bit while you do your chicken chores. He should learn that you are the alpha without feeling unduly threatened.

    Good luck with it all, it looks like they are living the good life!
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    Quote:Exactly what I would have said. [​IMG] Including the welcome from PA part!

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