My 2 week old silkie chick is sick.

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    She's only 2 weeks old and from what I have been researching it sounds like she has "crookneck,limpneck,twisted neck, wryneck" or something like that. Her head is twisted under and she's only moves backwards and falls over. I seperated her from the other chicks so she would be hurt. I went to the store this morning and got some poly-vi-sol and vit E. She's not eating but she will drink from a dropper. She is very limp:( I'm so sad for her. I feel like I could cry. Is there anything else I can do???
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    Don't get too upset---I have lots of silkies and have had this happen a few times. Take it's head and gently turn it back into position and give it about a quarter to a half a dropper full of polyvisol drops. You can get this at any walmart or drug store. It will twist it's head back and go into a corner--totally normal. I make a mash out of it's chick crumble with chick food and water. I also place it in a flat dish so it can see the food. Mine have lasted with wryneck for nearly 2 weeks, but came out of it and did just fine. I'm glad you are keeping it separated. He's likely to get trampled by the others if you keep them together in his/her condition. Let me know if you have any more questions!
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    Yep, I'd do everything Tracy says. I have a silkie, a few really, that had that prob. Did what is said above along with massaging it's neck, also gave scrambled eggs. Look out is now almost normal, she can walk and eat and her head is just slightly tilted. If she gets upset she will spin in circles and twist her head, but other than that she is fine, coming on a year old now. My others recovered completely. [​IMG]
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    I have a blue silkie, about three-weeks-old, who started to show signs about two-weeks-ago.

    After some research online I immediatly switched to organic chic starter, seperated "Hendrix", the inflicted chic, from the other chics, and started giving Hendrix...

    1) a tiny crushed piece of human B vitamin,
    2) about half of a 400 IUD vitamin E gel cap, and
    3) mixed it with a couple drops of selenium to help the absorbtion of vitamin E

    ...each day.

    I often mixed it with some mulit-grain baby cereal, soymilk, and egg yolk for nutrition supplimentation.

    I was starting to get worried about Hendrix after a week, because his head was always tucked....

    But this week...especially today, Hendrix seems almost normal. I am so happy!

    Everytime I have checked on him today his head has been up.

    I will probably continue treatment for another week.

    Good Luck with your chic! Hang in there!

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